Warranty terms

Issued 04/2012

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The quality management system introduced by Hymer Leichtmetallbau GmbH & Co. KG meets the requirements of ISO 9001. All Hymer products are made of best quality materials and must meet the highest standards of quality. We can therefore offer a warranty as follows:


1. Warranty period

Hymer Professional ladders and towers for industry and trade catalogue = 10 years

ALU-PRO catalogue = 5 years

These warranty periods are valid for all products covered in these catalogues where noted for the particular product. For all other ranges, as well as HYMER Project and automotive engineering products, the statutory warranty rights apply.


2. Warranty terms

a. The warranty begins on the day of purchase. Invoices or receipts serve as proof of purchase.

b. The warranty is exclusively restricted to material defects of aluminium and steel parts.

c. The warranty does not cover damage due to natural wear, incorrect handling of or modifications to the product.

d. The warranty claim applies exclusively to damage to the object of the warranty.

e. In the event of a warranty claim, we will repair or replace at our discretion.

f. These warranty terms apply to all Hymer products listed in paragraph 1. and purchased after 31.03.2012.

g. No warranty claim will be accepted for the expenses of removal and refitting, the inspection of corresponding parts or for claims for lost profits and damages.

h. The supply capability for spare parts (including wear parts) is limited to the warranty period specified here or the legal warranty rights for the principal product.


3. Return shipment

The guarantee holder has to return the product for inspection or general determination of the guarantee case at his expense and risk to the place of fulfilment (Hymer, Wangen). If the guarantee claim is recognised, Hymer will reimburse the cost of the lowest priced means of transport.

Written information on the products and images thereof may differ from the actual design in individual cases. Errors, price changes and design modifications are also reserved.

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