Warranty terms

Issued 01/2023

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Warranty terms (valid from 01.01.2023) The quality management system introduced by Hymer-Leichtmetallbau GmbH & Co. KG meets the requirements of DIN ISO 9001:2015. All HYMER products are made of the best materials and must meet the highest quality standards. We can therefore provide a warranty as follows:

  1. Warranty period

10 years for standard products from the HYMER main catalogue, 5 years for standard products from the HYMER ALU-PRO range. 2 years for products from the HYMER configurator and for customised access products. The statutory warranty rights apply to all other product ranges as well as products in the areas of special designs and vehicle technology.

2. Warranty services

a. The warranty begins on the day of purchase. Invoices or purchase receipts serve as proof.

b. The warranty is limited only to material defects in aluminium, steel and plastic parts. Motorised drives or additional equipment of an electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic type as well as their supply lines are excluded – the statutory regulation applies here.

c. The warranty claim applies exclusively to damage to the subject matter of the contract. The statutory provisions apply to all further claims (compensation for damages, etc.).

d. A justified warranty claim will be fulfilled by free-of-charge repair or free-of-charge rectification, at our choosing and discretion. We are entitled to supply a comparable product. Defective products become our property when the warranty claim is fulfilled.

e. These warranty terms apply to all products listed under clause 1 listed HYMER products purchased after 31.12.2022.

f. No warranty claim applies to:

  • Damage resulting from normal wear and tear, improper handling or alterations or usage, in particular changes to our products, as well as faults on products on which additions or improper repairs have been made.
  • Defects in products resulting from non-observance of operating instructions, improper use, force majeure, overload, use of force or lack of maintenance and care.
  • Minor deviations from normal characteristics that are irrelevant for the value and usability of the product.
  • Damage caused by sending in packaging that is not safe for transport.
  • Expenses for removal and installation, inspection of corresponding parts and claims for lost profit and damages.

g. The availability of spare parts (including wear parts) is limited to the warranty period specified here or the statutory warranty rights of the main product.

h. The warranty claim must be made immediately and within the warranty periods.

3. Return shipment

The warranty holder has to return the product for inspection or general determination of the warranty case at their expense and risk to the place of fulfilment (Hymer, Wangen). If the warranty claim is recognised, Hymer will reimburse the cost of the lowest priced means of transport. Written information on the products and images thereof may differ from the actual type in individual cases. Errors, price changes and design modifications are also reserved.

4. Statutory claims

The purchaser’s statutory claims remain unaffected by these provisions.