New brand identity for HYMER Access Technology

We have actually had the blueprint for our new brand identity in the drawer for a long time. In fact, we’ve had it since our founding. The new tidy, simple and stylish HYMER look precisely reflects the mission we’ve had since day one. We make access technology that focuses on functionality and makes our customers’ lives easier – from ordering, to use and service. Simple, safe and fast.

Our new logo is at the heart of our brand presence. As a stable stack of vertical letters, it clearly shows where HYMER is heading, namely straight up.

The new brand claim “Hard work made easy” reveals the true protagonists behind our existence. Not the ladders, stairs and platforms, but the ones who use them: Hard workers in industry and on construction sites who deserve as much “ease” as possible. This claim in mind has always driven our product development, and now it is also part of our brand identity.