HYMER-ARCTICA de-icing platform

Winter is coming. Professionals need to be optimally prepared.

Getting through winter safely: Icy and snowy roads pose a high risk in road traffic. To ensure winter dreams do not turn into nightmares, the German Road Traffic Regulation (StVO) (§ 23) requires trucks, trailers and buses to be completely cleared of ice and snow before starting a journey. Our HYMER-ARCTICA 6091 stationary de-icing platform helps you get within an arm's length of your truck roof.

Time-saving, durable, worthwhile: Thanks to its pre-assembled modules, the robust HYMER-ARCTICA de-icing platform is quick and easy to set up when you need to work safely on wet and cold days. Solid, hot-dip galvanised foundation plates offer excellent stability without having to be fastened to the ground. You can even remove ice from two trailers at the same time. And reflectors make the steps clearly visible in the dark. Another remarkably convenient feature: a high-quality telescopic ice and snow scraper and a corresponding holder for mounting on the platform are included with HYMER-ARCTICA. Beyond winter, the platform is also a fantastic piece of equipment for year-round cleaning, repair or maintenance work. Pre-order now to be well prepared and optimally equipped 365 days a year.
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