DAV and HYMER inspire climbing fans.

HYMER is main sponsor of the new HYMER-LMB Arena / Climbing and Club Centre in Wangen, Bavaria (Germany).

Climbing has become so much more than just a trendy sport. Standing at a breathtaking 15 metres high, with 500 sqm of surface area and 60 climbing routes, the tower promises to be the top attraction at the new HYMER-LMB Arena / Climbing and Club Centre in Wangen. As one of the largest employers in the region, we are especially proud to be the namesake of this unique sports facility operated by the German Alpine Association (DAV) Section Wangen im Allgäu. In addition to the climbing tower, the 1,200 sqm fenced-in area will also include a clubhouse with an outdoor terrace, a meadow scattered with inviting HYMER deck chairs, a playground, slackline points, as well as a barbecue and fire pit.

Our active employees are also excited about the new opportunities to pursue their passion for climbing in Wangen. As main sponsor, we provided the newly built climbing tower with our logo and our own HYMER climbing route. Together with the State Garden Show 2024 in Wangen, the climbing tower will attract much more than just the attention of international guests. It will be at the heart of many different exciting activities: the open Garden Show Climbing Cup with speed competition, the School Climbing Cup, the open-air outdoor cinema, the Ninja Warrior course for kids, trial climbing for visitors, as well as yoga and functional training. Whether individual visitors, groups or families – even long after 2024, the HYMER-LMB Arena / Climbing and Club Centre Wangen will be an irresistible destination for climbing fans.

For updates, visit the new Wangen Climbing and Club Centre website <<Kletter- und Vereinszentrums Wangen>> and our social media channels.