Despite uneven grounds, inclined surfaces, etc. you work safely and in the vertical with a flexible ladder - is that possible? Yes it is with the Combination Ladders 70245 and 70247 with the innovative adjustable Smart-Base® cross-beam.


Compensates ground unevenness

up to 12 cm.









Integrated spirit level

for precise alignment of the ladder.

Convenient operation

via foot lever.

It´s so easy ...

1. Unlock the cross-beam and position the ladder.










2. Align vertically.

3. Lock the cross-beam. Done.

Other product benefits

Versatile usage as leaning, extension and stepladder.










High-strength restraining straps.










Durable stiles of high quality extruded profile.










Rigid safety bar against unintentional folding

(only with 3-section combination ladders).









Comfortable, wide rungs with 30 mm rung depth.

Stairway mode possible

(only with size 3x8 and 3x10).



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