Customer information – Current information about modification of standard EN 131 for ladders


Standards are recognised rules for technology and contain specifications for manufacturing and testing products. European Standard EN 131 applies to ladders. This standard consists of multiple parts, which regulate various ladder requirements. Individual parts of the standard have now been modified, while further parts are currently being revised.

Changes in part 1 of EN 131

Widened stand for leaning ladders

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Blocking removable ladder sections


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Changes in part 2 of EN 131

Two different ladder classes


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Strength test for leaning and step ladders


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Torsion test for step ladders


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Durability test for step ladders


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Testing the slip resistance of leaning ladders on the ground


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Torsion test for leaning ladders


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Consequences of the new standard specifications

Transition period


Until 31 December, 2017, the old versions of EN 131 Part 1 and Part 2 will still be valid in parallel with the new versions.


  • After that date, manufacturers may only market ladders that correspond to the new standard.
  • HYMER will convert its production to the new standard as of early autumn of 2017. This will ensure that all the ladders we ship correspond to the new versions of EN 131-1 and EN 131-2 in a timely manner before the transition period ends.


How are the modifications of the standard important for retail and users?




  • For retail, the modifications to the standard have essentially no importance. Ladders that are in stock by retailers and correspond to the previous standard may continue to be sold even after 31 December 2017. In accordance with an interpretation paper from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) dated 3 December, 2013, products manufactured in accordance with the old standard remain legally compliant even after a standard is modified.




  • Neither private nor commercial users are obligated to exchange their ladders for a new one or to improve them. Even though the modification of Standard EN 131 further improves the safety of ladders, that does not automatically mean that ladders manufactured in accordance with the old standard are unsafe.
  • According to the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV), however, commercial users remain obligated to assess their work equipment at regular intervals
    as part of a risk assessment of suitability for its intended use as well as to evaluate its condition in terms of safety technology.
  • Therefore, we recommend that commercial users inspect their ladder inventory and, if necessary, retrofit their leaning ladders, extension ladders and rope-operated extension
    ladders with a cross-beam.


You can download the complete information about the standard amendments and the new testing procedures by clicking here.