SC 80 mobile towers - Hymer Comfort Assembly based on SC 60 towers

SC 80 mobile towers comprise solid welded frame sections with particularly sturdy rungs.

Fittings are easy to swap, all components are designed for intensive continuous use.

SC 80 mobile towers are available in platform lengths 1,90 m, 2,45 m and 2,95 m.

With HYMER Comfort Assembly you are always kept safe while assembling and dismantling the towers.

HYMER SC 60 mobile towers can be upgraded with just a few additional components.

It couldn't be easier or safer:


1. Fit the upper coupler for the kicker brace to the frame section

2. Begin tower construction with 4-rung frame sections

3. Hook the tower floor into the eighth rung from the bottom

4. Screw the bayonet kicker into the upper coupler and fasten

5. Fit the handrails with the assistance of the Hymer-Lifter


You will find more information on HYMER Comfort Assembly for mobile towers here