Professional ladders

NEW: Leaning step ladder 8512 with curved crossbar

Ladders are tools used every day in industry and the trade. To prevent accidents, the exact purpose of each ladder should be carefully examined before selection. If the user employs the ladder as a workplace, the 80 mm deep steps offer a firm footing on the ladder. On the other hand, long periods of work on a rung ladder quickly lead to fatigue and could cause a fall from the ladder.

The new HYMER leaning step ladder 8512 guarantees an extremely safe and ergonomic footing for all activities at height. Your special benefits: The HYMER leaning step ladder 8512 is equipped with a curved crossbar with a ground clearance of 125 mm from size 12. This ensures flexible deployment, especially on uneven surfaces for maximum stability. 

By the way, in addition to the leaning step ladder our portfolio includes many other TRBS-compliant products, such as wooden step ladders 8024 and 8026, platform ladders 8080 and 8081 and clever accessories to retrofit your rung ladders.