NEW: The HYMER Wooden Stepladder 71499

Safe, ergonomic working on steps instead of rungs

Wooden stepladders are a practical everyday working tool for many professional users – and the ladders normally come with a rung thickness of 20-50mm. However, the current TRBS 2121-2 rules (TRBS: Technical rules for operating safety) stipulate that ladders may only be used as a workplace if the user stands with both feet on a step (min. 80mm) or platform – like on the new HYMER Wooden Stepladder 71499.

Its anti-slip steps have a depth of 80mm, ensuring that the ladders provide an extremely safe and ergonomic standing position for working – as prescribed by the German trade association. The wooden stepladder has many other benefits.

  • Comfortable: Anti-slip steps 80mm deep make for safe, ergonomic working.
  • Reliable: The profiled beech wood steps are made from a single piece of wood to provide a safe standing position at all times.
  • Stable: The 65 mm wide stiles ensure a high level of stability.
  • Practical: A pouch is integrated to stow tools and small parts where they are always within easy reach. The ladder is also fitted with a sturdy bucket hook.
  • Long-lasting: High-quality stile/step connections consisting of double mortice and tenon joints to ensure maximum durability.
  • Safe: Spreading lock with high-strength 20mm wide straps.
  • Professional: The wooden stepladder was tested at increased test load and was approved for professional use.
  • Compliant with standards: The 80mm step depth complies with the latest version of DIN EN 131 and TRBS 2121-2 rules, permitting legally conformant working at height for long periods of time.