The Hymer Online-Configurator

... it's as simple as that!

1. Select a standard

  • DIN 18799-1 – Access ladders on structures
  • EN ISO 14122-4 – Safety of machinery -- Permanent means
    of access to machinery
  • DIN 14094-1 – Escape ladders
  • French standard NF E85-016






2. Enter the desired ascent height

A ladder safety cage will be suggested automatically

according to the ladder height and the standard selected.









3. Select the entry style

Suitable entries will be proposed on the basis
of the standard selected.









4. Select the exits

Up to 13 exit variants for all usual requirements are shown.










5. Include off sets (optional)

From an access height of 10,000 mm,
the ladder must be installed with an off set.
Height and orientation of the off sets can be
selected within the scope of the standard.







6. Selection of alternative wall
mountings (optional)

If the façade contour is uneven, entering off
sets instead of the standard wall mountings
will result in automatic selection of alternative
fastenings (e. g. adjustable wall hooks or wall





7. Selection of platforms (optional)

Orientation, position, depth and length of optional
platforms can be defined flexibly (in consideration
of automatic optimisation by configurator).








8. Ordering accessories (optional)

Additional parts, such as wall or floor mountings,guardrails or intermediate platforms, can be addedas required. Then save the basic configuration andfinish by clicking the green button.








9. Download detailed quotation
and drawing

Double click on your configuration and a newwindow will open straight away. Here, you can seean overview of your details and have the option ofdownloading your personal quotation with scaled3D drawings, list of components and assemblyinstructions as a PDF.